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Australia as an expat destination

Australia as an expat destination

Founded by immigrants from the UK (many of whom were convicts), the population has grown significantly. Today, Australia is extremely multicultural and encourages controlled immigration from Europe and the US. The 1960s saw the country actively promoting immigration from abroad with many British families being offered incentives to move there; as long as they were white. People of ethnic backgrounds were restricted in emigrating because of the ‘White Australia’ policy. Luckily however, this was abolished in 1973 and ever since then the country has become increasingly cosmopolitan.

Today, Australia remains a very popular expat destination and is considered to be one of the best places in the world to live because of its low population density, high standard of life and the unpolluted atmosphere. According to the Human Development Index (HDI), Australia is ranked 7th out of a total of 174 countries with this ranking being based upon high scores in GDP, life expectancy, literacy and education. It is perhaps due to these reasons that Australia is so popular with people who are  moving overseas .

Cost of living in Australia

Expatriates moving to Australia from Europe will generally find that the cost of living in Australia to be relatively high when compared with that of their home country and in recent 


months this has continued to rise at a breakneck pace. The 2012 Mercer Cost of Living Australian cities continue to rank high on the list in the Asia Pacific region and, following the strengthening of the Australian dollar, have all experienced further jumps up the global list since last year. Sydney (11) and Melbourne (15) experienced relatively moderate jumps of three and six places respectively, but Perth (19) and Canberra (23) both jumped 11 places. Brisbane (24) rose by seven places, and Adelaide (27) shot up 19 places. In addition to facing high living costs in Australian cities, expatriates may also find that they are paid less and face higher tax bills here. In terms of purchasing power parity, Australia provides its residents with a similar level as that available in Japan and a higher purchase parity than the United Kingdom and Singapore. It contains full sample costing details for all goods and services and compliments this with useful insights into how much you can expect to pay to achieve the standard of living you're looking for.

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