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Intro to Freelancing - Job of the future

Intro to Freelancing - Job of the future

Wake up at 11 am, brush your teeth, prepare yourself a coffee, sit by the working table (or go back to bed, whatever suits you the most), turn on your timer and begin to work. It almost sounds like a science-fiction movie, isn't it? Freelancing?

Based on the data from September 2014, 34% or 53 million work capable population in the Unites States are freelancers, and according to certain estimations that percentage by the year of 2020 will cross over 50%.

If we are talking about the European Union market, in 2013 it was notified the growth of 45% of new freelancers and that is from 6.2 million to 8.9 million, making the freelancers a group with the largest and the fastest growth between work capable populations of EU.

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