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Guide for men with style and those who have yet to build it

Guide for men with style and those who have yet to build it

As men sometimes do not want to think about the latest designs, colors, patterns and their incorporation, and the choice of wardrobe leave to their girlfriends, wives, sisters, girlfriends...this line we could call and "put on your man" but this time is not our goal, because we want to show that with a little guidance even men who are not interested in trends can be independently nicely dressed and show that they have style.

As the basis of every good style question arises about the lifestyle, look, body composition and character. However, what we can confidently say is that on every man will fit simple proven classic style. If you have just started to develop his own style, classic pieces like white shirts, good quality jeans and well-tailored jacket should be your necessary item in the closet.

Geox Shoes

These pieces are the foundation of every closet and you can find them in almost any store that sells men's clothes. To buy something that will last most important thing is to look at the composition of materials. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, are on what you need to pay attention. The basic rule is to choose the things of appropriate size and cut that will fit your structure. The label does not play almost any role, as long as it is a natural material.

When you have your wardrobe provided with a classic white shirt that you can with certain changes wear throughout the year (tuck-sleeved in the summer or unbuttoned over comfortable shirt, in the winter under the sweater, jacket or coat), you can add to your  collection a shirt with pattern, in color or combination of both. Available models are many, but the most important are to choose the one in which you will feel good and that will fit with the rest of your wardrobe. leather jacket is also one of the garments that never goes out of fashion. Connoisseurs say that the jacket made of genuine leather is getting better as we carry it.

Sweaters are also included in the basic. Models, colors and patterns are available for every taste.

A good sweater can replace a jacket, do business style modern, and combine with shirts, T-shirts, jeans. When it's cold, you can wear more than one sweater to achieve a layered look.

We know how much you love your comfortable sneakers and we do not say that you supposed to give up on them, but you might also consider interesting shoes that do not have to be strictly classical. Today it is common to combine the clothes with more informal, youthful models of shoes and even shoes (properly selected). Men's shoes are not anymore strict, serious and boring. Now you have given the opportunity to enjoy a variety of colors and styles.

Details like hours, bracelets, gloves and glasses can be very masculine, and your simple combination will make a lot more interesting. Choosing the right details you show that you have the confidence to play with different styles and that you do not consider yourself too seriously. Do not let you lose your boyish charm just because you age or formal job require that.

Bags are not the only accessory for women. With a large selection of different models of backpacks and handbags we are sure you that you can find one that will suit your needs and style. The development of technology has brought us to the point that we rarely leave the house without the phone, laptop, tablet, various batteries and chargers, and a good bag has become a necessity, not just a fashion accessory.

We have already mentioned, layered dressing and well-coordinated details were proven a solution for a good style.

Do not be afraid of suits and proven classics. With a little research and trying out what suits you best you can find the color and model that will suit you. The suit does not have to be reserved only for official celebrations and formal occasions. It is important to find one where you feel comfortable and that will be neither too small nor too big, because too large and too wide can look old-fashioned and make you look older, while wearing too narrow will make you look ridiculous. If in the store you don't find one that will completely suit your body size, you can make certain modifications with the tailor or simply order in proven tailors shop to make you a suit to fit your needs.

men with style

Create your style towards your inner feeling. Look to successful men and women involved in fashion and have their own built style. Maybe you will not like every aspect of a person's style but individual elements you can always adjust to yourself.

When you have already mastered the basics do not be afraid to combine different colors, designs and prints, until you feel nice and pleasant.

Choose a comfortable, natural colors that go well with your skin tone, hair and taste when the color is in question. If something is not your style, you will feel uncomfortable and this is easily noticed. Fashion is a game and don’t be afraid, make it work for you.

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