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How much is physical appearance important for work?

How much is physical appearance important for work?

Very popular saying "Do not judge the book by its covers" is not extremely applicable in the business world. Whether is the case of a job interview or important business meeting, the first impression in business surroundings is brought based on how we look.

Almost all foreign experts in the human resources area are saying: “Yes, physical appearance is very important.” They justify this by fact where regardless of the importance of the look versus being competent, this is what people ascertain.

"The look is very powerful because it's the first filter" - says Silvia En Hevlett, economist and first president of Talent Innovation Center New York.

woman suitHer observation coincides with the 2011 research results done by Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, where people judge competence and reliability in a quarter of a second (250 milliseconds) and observation is based primarily on the way someone looks.

Some certain HR experts partially disagree with most of their colleagues and they have a unique attitude when is the matter of physical appearance in the business world. They say that it is not final, because then that will be discriminating. However, they state that it could set back the person that doesn't satisfy basic conditions of business culture. Per example, inappropriate wardrobe at the job interview can rather leave a bad impression despite good physical appearance if qualifications are bad.

Mr. Marko Burazor, Business consultant and book author about nonverbal communication, states that in business he first notices what kind of energy someone’s emits, is it positive and sincere or is it frowning and negative(in the bad mood). He also notices is the person before anything neat (not with greasy and dirty hair) and ironed, and that simply everything is in order on a person.

"When I meet someone for the first time, the impression is made in just a few seconds and that impression usually determines the representation of that person. The first impression is hard to change, especially in the cases where the negative impression is left and there is a misbelief even when positive things are happening"- according to Burazor.

It is very important that saying "business look" is not put in the context of beauty because that will be really wrong and discriminate. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and we shouldn’t discuss that but we do need to discuss hygiene, neatness and someone's relationship towards personal spiritual and physical health. By knowing this it is much suitable expression "takes/doesn't keep accounts of him/herself"

Physical look is inherited and it does not depend on the individual, however carelessness towards your own body is created. That carelessness is the first that we notice after someone's energy.

Exactly that energy that reflects on the face is the result of the balance between healthy spirit and healthy body. If we manage to make a balance between spirit health and body we will emit good energy and in the business world will leave a good impression. Together with the energy is important to take care of ourselves and that neatness is not questionable. Qualifications, positive energy and neatness together give the best result in the business world.

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