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Seven Golden Rules

Seven Golden Rules

What French women separates from other planet habitants Is that they stick to 7 golden rules and fashion experts believe that is the reason their style is impeccable.

1. Wear only what looks well on you

The basic rule is to pick clothes based on your build, meaning where only what looks good on you. Avoid pieces Why you look too skinny, fat, masculine, inappropriate to you age even if it's absolutely trendy and everybody is wearing it.

2. Long-term trends

French women love the fashion but don’t follow short term trends, they pick the wardrobe “for all times”: well-made jeans, small black dress, feminine blouse, elegant leather bag, balloon topcoat...

3. Neutral colors

Trends are changing, sometimes bright shades are dominating, and then they are replaced by the dark ones. However, with pastel tones you can't make a mistake and white and beige will always be in trend when the woman's fashion is in question. Besides that, it is well combined with bright colors.

4. Good cut

DeewatchFrench women style secret begins on a good cut. Pants too tight or too wide jackets you won't find in their closets. They take care of being dressed in accordance with the build, wearing clothes that resemble female curves, and hides disadvantages and it doesn’t look vulgar.

5. Quality materials

Stylish ladies pay great attention to the materials from which the clothing is made and to fashion accessories. It is important to be of good quality and with good workmanship, but not necessarily expensive. Fur, leather, silk, high-quality cotton, linen, viscose are natural materials, pleasant to wear and are long lasting if properly maintained.

6. Less is always more

The rule "less is more" is especially true for fashion, and this postulate was promoted by the famous Coco Chanel. Therefore, do not overdo it with fashion accessories, but select one, striking detail and style yourself based on that. For example, bright red lipstick, striking belt or a scarf, attractive purse or a large piece of jewelry ... It is important to appear sophisticated, and that you did that easily and with little effort. Therefore, a typical French woman will not leave the house "without a trace of makeup" and with wrinkled, sloppy clothing.

7. Don't buy everything at a discount

Low prices and great discounts as "bait" for most women, so they often buy what is absolutely not necessary and in greater quantity. And when you have already purchased, well now they have to wear it. At least once ... So in closets eventually settles more and more new things, becomes too full, closets become unorganized and good pieces are not visible anymore, so they get chosen less frequently. Make a selection, leave only what you really wear and buy only what you really need. 

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