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A lot of people have big dreams and positive ambitions, but only 10% see their hopes materialize. The Internet lifestyle could be likened to financial freedom when you’re in charge of affairs, you can sail the Atlantic if you want, travel the world of your dreams or live in a nice environment where the sounds of morning birds are heard of the riverbanks. You looked at your life (and the current business you run), and you’re not even close to financial security — let alone freedom. The world seems abstract from your end, and you keep asking yourself:
“Isn’t there a way to change my life?”
Don’t be perturbed, there is a way out of every ugly situation. But it’s never an easy trip. In this blog, I want to give a wake-up call to your inner spirit. Have an open mind as we explore the world of Internet opportunities and how to grab the ripe pear.
 Are you ready?
  • Make Money With  My Digital Camera

    Make Money With My Digital Camera

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Earn money with your photo camera

Each one of us sometimes makes a beautiful and interesting pictures with our cameras, share them on Facebook or Pinterest, but we should know that in pictures like that is hiding an excellent way of earning.
This short article will explain you 'How to earn money from selling pictures online'. The first question is where can you post pictures, so they can be sold? So, which web pages have services that will help you in a sale and provide you secure payments, what way to receive money from selling them, and last and most important, how to improve the quality of your pictures and of course raise their price.

evanto1Some of best services for selling pictures online:

Envatomarket: Envato is the best website for selling digital files, photographies and designs. Their payments are safe. For you, interesting accounts are Graphiciver and Photodune. Graphiciver page has flyers, resume, logos, and banner, illustration work etc. Photodune page accepts pictures from weddings to fashion, business, food, family, fitness, people, tech, travel and more. You will have to upload pictures by their rules, they will also set the price for pictures. If some of your pictures get sold to online buyer, your payment will be paid.

Fotolia: Fotolia is a big archive of pictures, which contains more than 51 million pictures. Buyers can take Royalty Free pictures. After you picture is sold, service will on your account pay money, which you can get through Paypal and Money-bookers. Minimal payment is 50 $.

Shutterstock: Shutterstock, a global technology company, has created the largest and most vibrant two-sided marketplace for creative professionals to license content - including images, videos, and music - as well as innovative tools that power the creative process.You can earn $0,25 to $25 per download of the picture. Payment: Cheek, Paypal or Money-bookers. The minimum amount of payment is 75$.

Bigstock: Bigstock is an online royalty free, international microstock photography website that sells images via a credit-based system. Bigstock's photos, vectors, and illustrations cost from between 1 and 6 credits each, depending on size, with credits ranging from $.90 to $3.00 USD. As of June 2015, Bigstock had more than 25 million royalty-free images (photos, vectors, and illustrations) available. Ways of payment: PayPal. The Minumum amount for payment is 50 $.


Thousands of photographers around the world use their Picture Stock Press Pass every day to gain access to events covered by the media. Some of these events include professional sports, concerts and entertainment shows including backstage access, press conferences, movie and show premiers, celebrity signing sessions, red carpet events, breaking news, local events, protests, wars, world leader conferences, politics, film festivals, conventions and any event the media covers.
When an image is sold, 50% is paid to the photographer, 25% goes to the distributor who referred the photographer to Picture Stock and 25% is split between Picture Stock and the selling agency. If a photographer is not referred to Picture Stock by a distributor, then 50% is split between Picture Stock and the selling agency and the photographer earns the other 50%. This would be considered a house account.
The minimum charge of agencies sells stock photos for is $300.00. Pictures can sell for as high as $2,500.00 or more depending on how and where the image will be used. You will always receive 50% of the final selling price.


Depositphotos is an online service where you can get premium royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector art at an affordable price. If you are a designer, advertiser, photo editor, content manager or even a blogger, there are millions of photos according to your need.

In fact, you can also earn money by selling your images, a good choice for photography bloggers.This can prove to be a good alternative to Google Adsense and other such alternative ad networks, since making money fro photography blogs can be a bit more difficult than other niche sites.

Depositphotos is a U.S based microstock agency that was launched in November 2009, and in a span of just over 3 years, more than 13.6 Million files have been uploaded to this site. It now serves customers in over 192 countries and over 15 languages.

Olympus EM1 II

The next list of web pages will offer you additional possibility to post on less demanding services.

Below the different sites whose give you money for quality image upload.

6. Getty Image 7. Istockphoto 8. 123RF 9. eBay 10. Clustersort 11. Veer 12. Alamy 13. Crestock 14. Imagekind 15. Dream’s time 16. Photo Art Gallary 17. Photo Shelter 18. Photo Stock Plus 20. Pixmac 21. Isyndica 22. Photolibra 23. Image hyper 24. Cerizmo 25. Cut Caster 26. Alaska Stock Image 27. Can stock photos 28. Red Bubble 29. Photo Spin 30. Graphic Littovers 31. Etsy 32. Shutterfly 33. Fototime 34. Featurepics 35. Stock Photo media 36. Scandinavian Stockphoto 37. Artbreak 38. Artist Rising 39. Photo-box Progllary 40. Mostphotos 41. Stock Fresh 42. Smugmug

Very important suggestion: you go to the website, then read their working process and withdrew money process to your country. If you have all conditions and processes are acceptable, you can start making money.

Envatomarket | Fotolia | Shutterstock | Bigstock | PictureStock

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