How Living on the Internet?

A lot of people have big dreams and positive ambitions, but only 10% see their hopes materialize. The Internet lifestyle could be likened to financial freedom when you’re in charge of affairs, you can sail the Atlantic if you want, travel the world of your dreams or live in a nice environment where the sounds of morning birds are heard of the riverbanks. You looked at your life (and the current business you run), and you’re not even close to financial security — let alone freedom. The world seems abstract from your end, and you keep asking yourself:
“Isn’t there a way to change my life?”
Don’t be perturbed, there is a way out of every ugly situation. But it’s never an easy trip. In this blog, I want to give a wake-up call to your inner spirit. Have an open mind as we explore the world of Internet opportunities and how to grab the ripe pear.
 Are you ready?
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How can Facebook advertisements become your business over the Internet?

Like many others, I have thoroughly searched all the possibilities of work over the Internet, including those via Facebook. I've found two ways that Facebook can bring you a profit:

1. Create a Facebook sales page. I am sure that your Facebook profile is full of requests for you to like the pages where something is sold or offers some service. Some of them have a large number of followers and they do quite well. And everything is being sold - from needle to locomotive.

On Facebook pages, you can literally open your online shop to have your little job from home.

What can you sell?

Facebook Shop

If you don’t have smuggling skills and do not have the money to buy stocks of goods for a smaller boutique, you may be able to do something on your own like cakes, piñatas, sewing bags from old jeans, etc. In addition, people sell their hand-made jewelry, knitted handicrafts, decoration, homemade soaps and more.

For more ideas on what to do, it's enough to visit Pinterest. (you might also get encouraged, but me I'm discouraged and I stick to what I can do.)

Anyways, in order for this job to succeed, you need to know the basics of advertising on the Internet and how to attract people to your page, how to intrigue them with your posts, pictures, ideas. If you do not know this, your page will only be followed by a small number of your friends to whom you've sent an invite. And they will quickly escape if they do not need your product. You need a real audience that has the need for what you offer.

Hence, naturally, my other way is that Facebook becomes a business on the Internet.

2. Learn to make good Facebook ads . Don’t you understand how this can be a job over the Internet?

The fact is that not all people over the internet are experts and they don’t know how to make a Facebook ad and how to place it. In order for your post to be visible on Facebook and for people to like it, share it and comment on it, enroll in a course or buy a product, you need to know a lot of tricks to help you get a great audience.

Facebook ads are paid and they are a very cheap way of advertising on the Internet.

Ok, you're still wondering how this can get you this job over the Internet? Well, like this:

If you have a page, you should learn to market your products. That is why it is best to invest the best money from accidental, random sales in this type of knowledge. Posting images to a few of your friends who have liked the page, won’t bring you any profit!

• If you do not have your page , learning the basics of Facebook's advertising is a great way to get rid of unemployment. Simply, learn everything about it, so offer your services to other individuals or companies, make advertisements and run their Facebook pages (for example, for the next local elections offer such a service to a local politician :)) That's what it’s called "Social media manager" or " Community manager ".

How to create a Facebook advertisements  for your business in just 5 steps

"Running a business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you're doing, but nobody else knows. "- Stuart Henderson

There's a bunch of ways to advertise.

Google commercials. Advertising on the websites. On TV. Radio. In newspapers and magazines ...

However, my personal favorite (at least for now) is advertising on Facebook.


Well, first of all, Facebook has recently announced that it has over a BILLION and a half users! And not just that. Recently they announced that over BILLION people used Facebook in one day!

Facebook uses over three million people in Serbia.

About 2 million in Croatia. Between 1 and 1.5 million people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When you see these figures, it's clear to you that there is a high likelihood that your potential customers and customers will hide among them.

Secondly, unlike other ways of advertising, Facebook offers us the opportunity to show the ad to that group of people that is most likely to be interested in what we offer.


Because people told us what they are interested in! With their Facebook activity, liking, commenting, sharing ... we're filling Facebook's database of our interests, so that we, advertisers, can use it and show the ad to a right group of people.

What are actually Facebook ads?

These are links, texts, photos, etc., marked "sponsored" and can be seen on the main wall between your friends' posts, as well as on the right side of the Facebook homepage. In the picture below, you see two examples of such advertisements.

Ads can be displayed equally to users who access Facebook through computers and those who access via mobile devices.


To the left is the look of one type of advertisement on the "wall". On the right is the look of the advertisement in the column on the right.

What can you advertise?

What can you advertise on Facebook

What can you advertise on Facebook?

In short, you can advertise almost everything that comes to your mind:

• Your Facebook page

• The page on your website

• Some event that is getting closer

• Your app

 • Video

In most cases, we will use the site's advertising on our site. And until you get a little more experience working with Facebook advertisements, or until you hire someone to help you, stay on the advertising page on your website.

How should Facebook ad not look like?


This should not look like advertising

This should not look like advertising ...

What's wrong with this ad?

To begin with, what is being advertised.

The advertising of a Facebook page is, in my humble opinion, purely throwing money. Advertising Facebook page you are getting new fans (likes) on the page. That is true. But… Facebook is steadily decreasing the reach of your posts; a smaller and smaller number of your fans will see what you post on your Facebook page. Unless you invest in ads on Facebook. That's why I suggest that you most often advertise a page on your website, where you have the chance to keep your "fans".

The other thing that is not good, and which is so obvious, is the text itself.

Juicer with gentle squeezing technology, which makes it possible to squeeze juice?!

I do not know, I thought that the juicer allows plowing ...

And the third thing that puts this advertisement in the shortlist for the worst commercial I've ever seen is an image.

An image that not only does not attract attention, it has nothing to do with the text of the advertisement.

Serious, serious waste of money.

Let's see how the good ad should look like.

How should Facebook ad look like?


This is how the good ad should look like

This is how the good ad should look like ...

What good did we do with this commercial at Shindira Studio?

First, we showed the ad exclusively to WordPress developers who live in America, Canada, England and Australia. So, we wanted to make sure that the advertisement is shown to the most relevant group of people.

That way we adapted the text ads to them.

When clicking on a link, a dedicated page opens where WordPress developers can try the product we advertise.

There is also a picture with a red background and a monitor that attracts attention.

The text in the picture serves as the title. We also have a clear call to action, which tells them clearly what to do. To click!

The ad has a good response, so we'll probably repeat it.

Interestingly enough, even though we posted a link on the website rather than our Facebook page, we got a significant number of new Facebook "members". Something we got indirectly, "for free", while in the previous case they paid exactly for that.

So, by now you've already realized that the most important elements of a good Facebook ad are:

• A group of people showing ads

• Text of the advertisement

• The image

• A call to action

• Page on the website where the advertisement is conducted

And now it's time to move on to technicalities and see how a Facebook ad is made.

To begin with, you need a card to pay for Facebook ads.

I use the Intesa internet card, but you can use whatever you have, or whatever you are recommended by your bank.

Also, you need a Facebook page for your business. So, not a personal profile, but a page.

Step 1: Pick what you want to advertise

Open the Facebook ad creation page.

What can you advertise on Facebook

What can you advertise on Facebook?

Choose what you want to advertise, i.e. what is your advertising goal.

As I said earlier, my recommendation is to advertise a page on your website.

So, click on "Send people to your website".

Enter the link to which your ad should be directed when a person clicks.

Enter the link of the page you're advertising

Enter the link of the page you're advertising ...

I have to mention again:

Make a dedicated page for your Facebook ad! DO NOT take people to the home page of your site, or to a page that does not logically and visually connect to the advertisement.

Better invest a little more time (maybe a little money) in making a dedicated page that fits advertisements. The results will surely be better.

And one more thing.

If you are making a commercial for the first time on Facebook, you will be asked to set up your account. Nothing complicated, just some minor things.

Facebook will ask you to set up an account

If you are advertising for the first time, Facebook will ask you to set up an account.

Step 2: Determine who you want your ad to appear to

Who do you want your ad to appear to

Who do you want your ad to appear to?

This is Facebook's most powerful weapon when it comes to advertising.

Here we set to whom the ad will appear, based on people's interest.

Select the country where your potential customers are located, age and sex.

In the "Interests" field, enter the interests of people, as well as the pages that have been liked, that are related to your product or service.

For example, if you sell auto parts, you will choose pages of car magazines, car manufacturers, etc.

If you have a gym, you will "run" pages of weight loss products, fitness magazines, and perhaps even of your own competition.

In the "More Demographics" section, you can profile your audience more accurately on the basis of their marital status, education, etc.

Step 3: Set a budget for advertising

Set a budget for advertising

How much are you willing to invest in advertising?

Here you set the amount you invest in your ad, as well as some settings you do not need to think about right now.

For now, it's only enough to determine whether you'll pay for a daily advertising, or you'll determine the overall budget for the whole campaign.

Initially, whatever it is you choose.

As for the budget, there is no limit to how much you can invest, but my recommendation is that the budget should not be below $5 a day.

As I said, for now, there is no need to worry about other settings.

Step 4: What your ad will look like

Now is the time to determine how your audience and your potential customers will see the advertisement.

What will be displayed as your ad

What will be displayed as your ad?

First of all, you can determine whether one image will lead to a link or multiple images (up to 5) that lead to 5 different links.

My recommendation is to leave one image that leads to a single link.

You can also choose whether to view an image or video. Let's not get complicated now that you are at the beginning, so let the image remain.

Oh yes. I did not tell you that.

Where's the picture?

To create an image for your commercial, I suggest you try a free service.

Use to create an image

Use to create an image for the FB advertisement.

Image dimensions should be 1200 x 630 pixels.

Make sure the image has something to do with you, your product or service you're advertising. Also, you can enter the text within the picture, just make sure that the text does not take up to 20% of the image.

When you create an image, save it on your computer and upload it as an image of an advertisement.

Let's now enter the text of the advertisement and call to action.

enter the text of the advertisement and call to action

The text of your ad and where you want it to appear

Here you choose the Facebook page of your business through which the advertisement will appear.

On the left, in the "Headline" field, you can enter the title, and you can also enter the call to action.

Also, you can combine both. Just take care of the limit that Facebook has. (There is a way to avoid this limit, but this is a bit more advanced option. About this some other time.)

In the "Text" field, enter the text that goes above the image. Here you have a space to leave a little more detail, just as much that you get a person interested in clicking on the advertisement. Also, pay attention to the limit.

Optionally, you can select one of the Facebook pre-defined buttons that will appear in the bottom right corner of the advertisement.

On the right, you can see how your ad will look to your target group. You can also turn off (or turn on) places where you want your ad to appear.

If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, I suggest that you display the ad only on the "Desktop News Feed" position, and turn off the others. For now.

Step 5: Review all and submit your ad for approval


If you came here, you did a great deal of work.

Now, check everything again. Just in case.

When you make sure everything is fine, click "Place Order" to send your Facebook ad for approval. Once your ad is approved, it will start showing to your target market.

From this moment onwards, you will be able to track the results of the advertisement and test various elements: text, images, call to action, the side that leads the advertisements ... Absolutely everything.

As much as you have experience, you will never make a 100% perfect advertising from the first run, which gives great results. The key is in testing and constant learning.

And that would be it for now.

Need help with making a commercial for Facebook? Click here (or the image below) to see if I can help you.


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