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A lot of people have big dreams and positive ambitions, but only 10% see their hopes materialize. The Internet lifestyle could be likened to financial freedom when you’re in charge of affairs, you can sail the Atlantic if you want, travel the world of your dreams or live in a nice environment where the sounds of morning birds are heard of the riverbanks. You looked at your life (and the current business you run), and you’re not even close to financial security — let alone freedom. The world seems abstract from your end, and you keep asking yourself:
“Isn’t there a way to change my life?”
Don’t be perturbed, there is a way out of every ugly situation. But it’s never an easy trip. In this blog, I want to give a wake-up call to your inner spirit. Have an open mind as we explore the world of Internet opportunities and how to grab the ripe pear.
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How To Make Money By Writing An eBook?


If you’re thinking about earning money by selling e-books on the internet, then the best thing that you can do is write your own e-book. Perhaps you’re wondering why should you do that when there are so many affiliate e-books that you can advertise, therefore, making sure that your online earnings are more than decent?

The answer is simple. If you were to write your own e-book, you would be the only one selling it, that way you get your own unique product because you’re the only one having it.

So, the first thing that you should do is decide on a subject that you will be writing about. Do not hesitate doing a bit of research on trending subjects. Earning money on the internet by selling products will always be an interesting topic to many people, hence, any topic in that particular field that lacks competition can make you a decent paycheck. You should also consider which subject is interesting to you personally and if perhaps a subject about some of your hobbies is in a position to earn you money.

After deciding on some of the more lucrative subjects, it is important to research the competition on each of those subjects. If the competition is not very intimidating then your next step is to research the popularity of your subject in terms of it being able to attract enough sale. Do the research on the keywords and simply look up the relevant search terms on Google about your subject.

Let’s assume that your idea is good and that your e-book is going to be popular. The next thing that you should do is to plan the content of your e-book and come up with a good title. Titles are of vital importance when it comes to writing a book as it gives your potential customers an idea of what they can expect from the book. The title should be specific. Intriguing and brief…, in a word, promising.

The biggest problem when it comes to writing a book is how to stay on topic. It is quite common for writers to wander off subject, which is why it’s good to have a prepared form that you are to follow in order to stay in the right direction.

If you think that writing a book is not something that you may be able to do, that is not a problem either anymore. There are now a large number of websites that offer you to hire a ghostwriter who will, for a small fee, write an e-book for you with your name as the name of the author. This approach gives you complete control over the project and enough free time for you to plan marketing strategies in order to sell your e-book.

The term “e-book” may be misinterpreted by those who are new in this field. An e-book may have hundreds of pages but it can also have as few as ten. The price of an e-book will, of course, correspond with the number of pages, but it’s still going to be high enough considering the number of pages. However, thinking solely about the content of your e-book is never enough. You have to look farther than that if you want to sell as many copies as you can. You will also need your own website or a blog in order to promote your e-book.

Additionally, there is the price of your e-book that you need to carefully consider. You do not want to be too greedy, but also not overly modest if you want to give your customers an impression of a quality content book. You should surf the internet looking for similar titles in order to use their pricing as a guideline.

There is also a possibility of selling more copies of your e-book if you were to offer some type of bonuses with every copy. These bonuses can be some interesting texts, studies, statistics, video content, depending on the subject that you are writing about as well as your target audience.

Your ultimate goal should be a series of e-books, each with its own website to advertise and sell on.

The hardest thing is writing your first e-book. Every book after the first one is easier to write considering the experience you have previously gained, meaning that, in the future, you will be writing better and faster, while also coming up with better titles and choosing better subjects. Online earnings that you can have this way may surprise you and the best of all is that it doesn’t require any big investment except a bit of time and willpower.

Once the book is ready, you don't even need a publisher! You can self-publish and sell e-book versions through platforms like "Amazon's Kindle", "Google Play Store" and "Apple's app store" (iBooks). If you're in India, Flipkart, Infibeam etc. are also great choices. You can sell both e-books or printed books.

Also there are online services like Lulu where you can order print copies of your book. Buyers will be able to purchase print copies right from there or you can put print copies on sale through Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. is an Indian venture that can print self-published books.

How much can you earn by writing online books? Good question… but I don’t have the answer to that. How far you let your imagination and creativity wander, that’s how much you will earn. The sky is the limit.

So, what does it take for you to start your own profitable business?

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